Robbery Attorney in the Castle Hayne & Wilmington, NC area

There are two main robbery charges in North Carolina: Common law robbery and robbery with firearms or other dangerous weapons. The difference between the two charges is simple; the more serious offense involves the use of a dangerous weapon. A robbery with a dangerous weapon or gun is a Class D felony.

Armed robbery is considered a violent felony in North Carolina

  • The taking or attempted taking of the property of another
  • By use of force, display of force or threat of force
  • Simply possessing a weapon during a robbery, without using it, may mean that you will face armed robbery charges rather than common law robbery charges.

Both are felony criminal offenses but, armed robbery is punished as a Class D offense carrying with it a maximum possible sentence of 160 to 204 months in prison. On the other hand, robbery without a weapon (commonly referred to as "strong-arm" robbery) is punished as a Class G felony offense, carrying a maximum possible sentence of 31 to 50 months.

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